Rev. Jennifer McSween O.M.C.
Coach ~ Author ~ UTLOACIM Podcast Creator

As the name suggests UNDERSTANDING THE LANGUAGE OF A COURSE IN MIRACLES Podcast was created specifically to focus on facilitating understanding of the central Teachings of the Course.

Because of the abstract terminology used in the Course, students often struggle to understand what it’s saying on a practical level. Rev. Jennifer McSween has been an ACIM student, teacher, coach, and counselor for close to 20 years and now dedicates herself to helping students better understand what the Course is really saying; so they can apply it in a practical way and experience the peace, healing, and happiness – the miracles, the Course promises.

In each Weekly Podcast Episode, Rev. Jennifer discusses one of the Course’s central teachings, themes, ideas or lessons in a way that shows how they apply to your specific life situation.
Stop struggling to figure out what the Course is really saying by listening to the Podcast for UNDERSTANDING THE LANGUAGE OF A COURSE IN MIRACLES.